Mukisa Demonstration Farm established

Successfully launched Demonstration Farm Project with Rotary Club

On 27. November 2020 the project of Mukisa Foundation together with the Rotary Clubs of Lubowa an Telgte (Germany) was successfully startet. For Mukisa one major Service-Aspect is Familie Empowerment. Therefore it was a great success to find a partner in the Rotary Club. Together we setup a Training center for farming – the Mukisa Demonstration Farm. It well attended by community leaders, Parents and children with disabilities, the Members of the Rotary community corps, Members of the Rotary club of Lubowa and Mukisa foundation staff. The event was a very happy and colorful one with many activities including: Tour of the inclusive village: This was led by the director of Mukisa Foundation who took guests around the land and showed them the proposed sites for different future establishments including the demonstration farm, hostels, and camping site. The Director emphasized the fact that the village is to serve as a model for inclusion where people with disabilities will receive skills and get empowered to live lives to their full potential. This will also help to change mindsets about disabilities in the communities. Therapy and medical outreach clinic to children with disabilities: 34 (Thirty-four) children with disabilities attended the outreach where they received therapy, anti- epilepsy medication, immunity boosters, among others. They also all received a care hamper filled with sugar, milk, nutri-porridge, and soap at the end of the day. Launch of the Bussi Rotary community corps (RCC) The Corps consists of members of the community who are going to work alongside the rotary club and Mukisa foundation in the implementation of the project. Because they are members of the community, they come with a wealth of experience and knowledge about the community culture and way of life of the people on the island. This was launched by the rotary president. Launch of the Livelihood/ empowerment program The occasion ended with launch of 2-year empowerment program by the District Governor Nominee Major Donor Peace Talemwa who urged members to work together for the successful implementation of the project which could serve as a springboard for future bigger projects that could benefit and transform the entire community.